Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets make time.

Its been raining dogs for three weeks, can't do anything but work and latch on to whatever warmth each and every weekend brings. Lets try to make time. Warmth usually found when we tip that edge down our guzzling throats and look upon yet another empty husk. Haahh, holiday seasons almost come and gone. What super realistic resolutions would we conjure up only to turn to smoke a month later. Haahh, lets try to make time.

The Maccabees ▼ Color it In

I first came across Color It In, on the ever reliant train system, where tons of people contort into makeshift sardines for however long their journey demands them. A friend offered me a listen and wham I couldn't stop shaking my leg to the beat. Might be due to the earlier intake of coffee & red bull but i can't pinpoint for sure so wot the hell wot the hell. Me & friend were immediately transported back to 2007 where clear cut indie rock; The Kooks, Killers, Bloc Party (and the occasional Menomena) nostalgia hit us hard. So here I am rediscovering our first loves ; lost loves ; so we say its only love. Refreshing respite from the countless chillwave//witchhouse//garabe sounds or, how our fucked up minds can't make our fucked up minds up.

Color it In jumps beat off with X-Ray, man can't resist that bassline and unruly guitars, it just melts with Orlando Week's lyrics. Up on to All in Your Rows, they show more control and a religious dogmatic criticism. Mehh thats what it sounds like to me ;

City-scape and country-side
We've got local boys, they're going nationwide
So here's your church and here's your steeple
And you're locking your doors to keep in all the people

// Let them go.

The opening of the next track Latchmere creeps me out to no end. I get goosebumps when theres people screaming at each other at the pool. Like something bad's happened while you were swimming, just before you resurface you notice they're shouting AT you, and a glance down you see a fucking shark had bitten off your fucking legs off or, something along those lines. Precious Time lies more towards traditional relationship reworkings, no sharks to be had here guys. Still, its lyrically impressive and stands out from the other tracks of Color it In. Tissue Shoulders; strikes a chord with me. Recent events, maybe they've predicted what would happen in three years and made this song just for me? I'd like to think it as such.

The song Lego is by far the saddest song on Color It In. Lego has very dismayal lyrics, I can only guess that its about the death of three children, or growing up, or both. The drums are very persistent, almost hammering that fact home. All in all, Color it In has depth in character, given life by Week's vocals, the guitar's + basses + drum's dances. Get it.

The Maccabees Color It In [2007]
Try it,
Buy it.