Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twin Sister ▼ Color Your Life // Vampires with Dreaming Kids

Wizard hats and capes make good shadows and shapes. Picture that. Then picture them dancing to Twin Sister's Lady Daydream, on their Color Your Life tape. My imagination's way out there, so you wouldn't believe the shit im conjuring up. Anywho ~ Twin Sister are new-york natives producing psychedelic dream pop, and they're pretty good at it. The few songs they've released via Bandcamp, evidently show much promise to further the growing dreampop scene. Color Your Life prominently parades their use of various synthesisers, a much fuller sound as compared to Vampires with Dreaming Kids. Twin Sister is getting much exposure at the moment, what with touring with Memoryhouse and making their way towards Montreal. It seems like with Vampires with Dreaming Kids, they have taken a lo-fi approach - more acoustical ; toying more with minimalist snatches of sounds, quelling it up with a up tempo beat, usually pulsed by a maraca. Summer sunshine-y vibes, and lots of it. Perfect for a day at the beach (or anywhere else for that matter).

(Lady Daydream, available on Color Your Life)

Twin Sister ▼

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Empty ▼ Desire the Creator

'Desire is a trap.' //' Desirelessness is moksha'
'Desire is the Creator' // 'Desire is the Destroyer'

Great Empty,
; Zu - drums, Din - bass, Rupak - guitars, Dir - guitars ;

are new act to have churned out of Singapore. They've just released their EP called "Desire the Creator" up on bandcamp. Riding chill-Buddhistic sounding spoken word, Desire the Creator encompasses a weird mix of philosophy and music. Their 6-track album, features fuzzed out echo-driven guitars that cruise the background, plus good acoustics.

<a href="http://greatempty.bandcamp.com/track/intro-pattern-the-essence-2">intro (pattern &amp; the essence) by Great empty</a>

Great Empty Desire the Creator
Bandcamp ;

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grimes ▼ Geidi Primes

Eccentricity, some of us love it. If you do, this shit will blow your mind. Claire Boucher, going by the name of 'Grimes' is a new psychedelic act from Montreal, Canada (canadians, go figure, eh?). Grimes procure sounds, fusing electronic wizardy with unorthodox contemporary instrumentation. It being unorthodox-ed, since she hasn't had any musical training. And rightly so, Claire has taken genres and bent, twisted, manipulated them into something ; else.

Grimes calls her music post-human liturgical majesty, well I can't agree more. She seems to be riding on the Witch House wave ; Having similarities surrounding synths, deep basses and vibes. Enough chit chatter, she'll be big. Please, hype this like a enraged monkey hurtling through space at the speed of light. 'Beast Infection' is going to be played en'loop for a few days.

Grimes - Caladan by Arbutus Records

Grimes Geidi Primes
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Antoine Dodson ▼ Bedroom Intruder



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Ten Mofo ▼ [Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone]

Hey again guys. I'd like to bring out Your Ten Mofo this weekend because, 1) Attending Migrant Sounds last night had me going an urge deep within my bowels, for experimental/ambient music. 2) Because I can. Mwah har har har ! Pardon the evil cackle. Sometimes the Madvillany (yes guys, terrific album, i'd come to posting about it soon enough) in me springs forth unconditionally. Right, before I derail from my train of thought, and go tumbling to the Mountains of Madness (terrific book, i'd- oh FFFFU, there I go again.)

Your Ten Mofo
is a post-rock quartet from Vienna. Okay take a chill pill and before you dismiss them as another generic post-rock band that has gone aboard fuckwagon, have a listen first. Might I suggest picking up a book/coffee duo, and pop them headphones on. We all set ? These guys clearly have their roots tied closely to the post-rock scene, having started in 2004. You can expect atmospheric bliss, sidelancing violins, vibraphones and everything inbetween. Kinda sounds like if Mogwai were to have unprotected sex with the guys from Sigur Ros. And they had babies (genetically impossible, but hey), their babies would sound like Your Ten Mofo. The little vocals the quintet offered is used to enhance the ethereal near-bliss state. Plus, recently made it to the ViennaShorts annual showcase, so props up to them. For fans of Ef, Youth Pics, Gregor Samsa and the like. Enjoy.

Your Ten Mofo
[Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone]
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Jonsi & Alex ▼ Riceboy Sleeps

Riceboy Sleeps is the methodical love child of Jonsi (Jón Þór Birgisson, of Sigur Rós) and Alex Somers (Parachutes). The said album, features more of Jonsi's killer falsetto, prominently in Atlas Song and Boy 1904. They feature Alex's largly harmonical piano playing, with a fuzzy, dozed out ensemble. This is one of the best albums to have come out of the ambient stock recently. Perfect for reading, or contemplating life. And they do make a cute couple, no?

Jonsi & Alex Riceboy Sleeps (2010)
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Efterklang ▼ Magic Chairs

It's danish giants, Efterklang, back with a new album called Magic Chairs recently released earlier this February, via 4AD records. They've had up to 3 years to come up with a new album, ever since 'Parades'. Magic Chairs doesn't quite make the cut their previous two albums Parades and Tripper have set up. They have clearly taken steps to embrace English wholeheartedly, and the result is, well, less than pleasant. I'd have love if they kept to their mysteriously jumbled, and un-uniform lyricsy, which forces the listeners to keep guessing. Plus, it seems like they've made a move towards being an orchestral ensemble, cutting back on the electronics which made me notice them in the first place. Songs feeling like 'Swarming' and 'Prey and Predator' are nowhere to be felt in Magic Chairs. Its the little effects that add to the whole atmosphere, and well the feeling is still there, but less noticeable. That's enough ranting from a disappointed/loyal fan. Who knows, maybe after a few odd listens my impression would change. Lets hope so, and a to a new album too ~!

Modern Drift (available in Magic Chairs)

EfterklangMagic Chairs [2010]
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EfterklangParades [2007]
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Belleruche ▼ [Turntable Soul Music]

Nu-jazz (despite the stigma caused by anything tagged 'Nu'/'Neu'), is really a decent sub-genre, one which doesn't cause Jazz listeners to run headlong into walls (intentionally). Its rising in popularity too, maybe because its so much easier to get into, as compared to true Jazz, what with their long improvisations, would be abit dry to the untamed ear, mine included. Add in butter-smooth vocals, which is ever prominent here (see Yukimi Nagano (Koop/Little Dragon) but we'll touch on the swedish-jap a little while later, she deserves awhole section to herself ha-ha.

Enter Belleruche, a UK 3-man (and woman)- combo, formed half a decade ago, is worth looking into. Karthin, vocals, delivers her lines well, accompanied by beats by DJ Modest, and his counterpart - Ricky Fabulous (no, I didn't make his name up). They'd be releasing a highly anticipated third album, titled - (270 Stories)
via the Tru-Thoughts label, of which the three have been meticulously producing with for the past few months. What more can I say, they're good. Meanwhile waiting for 270 Stories, go listen to 'Turntable Soul Music'.

Belleruche 'Clockwatching'

(a single from their newest, (270 Stories), scheduled to be released on 11th October 2010)

Belleruche ▼ [Turntable Soul Music]
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Beirut ▼ [Lon Gisland]

I've been given an ukelele to play with, so in accordance to it, I've been playing much of Beirut.
Beirut is largely Zach Condon, and his rag-tag crew of friends (of which includes "Hawk and a Hacksaw" duo, Jeremy and Heather.) His music ranges from album to album, a risky move no doubt, but Zach manages to pull each one off. Extensive touring has its benefits ey? In my honest opinion, I find Lon Gisland to be an instant earcatcher ; Indefinately short and sweet; as opposed to his other, Gulag Orkestra or The Flying Club Cup. So right now, I'm taking a break from the uke, prolonged playing causing me to nurse it :/ Have a nice day y'all.

▼ Lon Gisland

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