Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Empty ▼ Desire the Creator

'Desire is a trap.' //' Desirelessness is moksha'
'Desire is the Creator' // 'Desire is the Destroyer'

Great Empty,
; Zu - drums, Din - bass, Rupak - guitars, Dir - guitars ;

are new act to have churned out of Singapore. They've just released their EP called "Desire the Creator" up on bandcamp. Riding chill-Buddhistic sounding spoken word, Desire the Creator encompasses a weird mix of philosophy and music. Their 6-track album, features fuzzed out echo-driven guitars that cruise the background, plus good acoustics.

<a href="">intro (pattern &amp; the essence) by Great empty</a>

Great Empty Desire the Creator
Bandcamp ;


  1. desirelessness is moksha

  2. Yeah, got me interested in Buddishtic teachings now. Sokushinbutsu is a pretty extreme example of Moksha.