Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beirut ▼ [Lon Gisland]

I've been given an ukelele to play with, so in accordance to it, I've been playing much of Beirut.
Beirut is largely Zach Condon, and his rag-tag crew of friends (of which includes "Hawk and a Hacksaw" duo, Jeremy and Heather.) His music ranges from album to album, a risky move no doubt, but Zach manages to pull each one off. Extensive touring has its benefits ey? In my honest opinion, I find Lon Gisland to be an instant earcatcher ; Indefinately short and sweet; as opposed to his other, Gulag Orkestra or The Flying Club Cup. So right now, I'm taking a break from the uke, prolonged playing causing me to nurse it :/ Have a nice day y'all.

▼ Lon Gisland

Try it.
Buy it.

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