Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Ten Mofo ▼ [Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone]

Hey again guys. I'd like to bring out Your Ten Mofo this weekend because, 1) Attending Migrant Sounds last night had me going an urge deep within my bowels, for experimental/ambient music. 2) Because I can. Mwah har har har ! Pardon the evil cackle. Sometimes the Madvillany (yes guys, terrific album, i'd come to posting about it soon enough) in me springs forth unconditionally. Right, before I derail from my train of thought, and go tumbling to the Mountains of Madness (terrific book, i'd- oh FFFFU, there I go again.)

Your Ten Mofo
is a post-rock quartet from Vienna. Okay take a chill pill and before you dismiss them as another generic post-rock band that has gone aboard fuckwagon, have a listen first. Might I suggest picking up a book/coffee duo, and pop them headphones on. We all set ? These guys clearly have their roots tied closely to the post-rock scene, having started in 2004. You can expect atmospheric bliss, sidelancing violins, vibraphones and everything inbetween. Kinda sounds like if Mogwai were to have unprotected sex with the guys from Sigur Ros. And they had babies (genetically impossible, but hey), their babies would sound like Your Ten Mofo. The little vocals the quintet offered is used to enhance the ethereal near-bliss state. Plus, recently made it to the ViennaShorts annual showcase, so props up to them. For fans of Ef, Youth Pics, Gregor Samsa and the like. Enjoy.

Your Ten Mofo
[Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone]
Try it. ( offers free downloads, make use of it.)
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