Monday, September 27, 2010

Julian Lynch - Mare

These past few summery (I use summer-y, because its summer all year long where I'm from) days have been fine, the weather off-kilter recently, alternating between stark hot sunshine to gloomy churning anvil clouds within minutes. Under stress? Fear not mother nature, just plug in Julian Lynch's Mare, and your mind will float out above those dark clouds, and into the fine bright sunshine. Not too much vitamin D though, you don't want to get skin cancer (nevermind you left your body down below, better safe than sorry) The sun extends its warm comforting rays upon you. With closed eyelids, you stretch out your hand acast, partially covering the sun. It dances upon your eyelids providing a sort of free cheap lightshow. Still, somehow you're amused.

With Mare, the pieces here flits from emotion to emotion, but most being calm and collected. Plenty of smooth Jazzy ambience on Ruth, My Sister. Theyalso offer Julian's seemingly fleeting falsetto accompanied by reverberating strings, folksy guitarstry on Still Racing, ending with a psychedelic new-age track, In New Jersy, that could have came out from a vegan-buddhist's adobe (complete with incense and parquet flooring for those barefeet). I haven't found a track I didn't like on Mare, Enjoy.

<a href="">Ears by Julian Lynch</a>

Julian's Bandcamp. Buy it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Portishead - Roseland NYC Live

Hey again guys. The lack of posts is due to me getting a summer job, and therefore having little to no time to get on routine music hunt. So, to counter that I've been rummaging my old music cd's, and came across Portishead's Roseland Live in NYC; which was handed to me for my 14th birthday by my awesomely awesome aunt. It's an old keepsake, and I hope you guys would spend as much time on it as I had.

Roseland NYC Live
saw the band's first ever live gig in New York. It features the New York Philharmonic along side their contemporary partners. Despite the genre gap, their expertise gave rise to musical highs for the two co-op.
Gibbon's saturine soaked vocals is a crucial consideration for transitions between these vasts and clearly talented bunch; like lubricant to .... dark squeezy spaces. Barrow , Utley and Deamer are tight, and deliver the goods seemingly at ease in their own element; Be it chewing gum, smoking or scratching records.

The record's 51 min playtime feature 11 complete pieces.

The descending melody of the bass, the shimming strings, the distortion completely blows me away. I love this.

Try it here. (Hosted by La Musique)
Buy it here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Star Slinger ▼ Volume 1

Darren Williams who goes by the alias of Star Slinger, has brought fresh beats to the hip-hop scene all while releasing an LP titled Volume 1 up on his personalized page. The album evokes the vivid feel of the 90s where, you spend carefree days chillin round basketball courts, play till your feet ache, then go for drink all without worrying about the day; You had none. Days where time stood still, where innocence still had meaning, where life was just fucking peachy. Take a step back in time with tunes like May I Walk With You? or Gimme. This album is trippin with feel-good vibes, it is a definite grower. Much love.

Grab his stuff // contact him up on his site here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reading Rainbow ▼

**** This post isn't about the American Children's television series aired by PBS from June 6, 1983 until November 10, 2006 that encourages reading among children. Looking at bros on the internet shows us how well that turned out. Bros4liaf!

Reading Rainbow is what you get if you locked Rob, Sarah, a couple of bros and imagination, in a room. This pair makes reverb-worship seem cal-i, for their bleached vocals are like the direct communion between creator and creation. Feral Kids and In the Forest, both go all out; on tribalistic bass drums, reverb drenched guitars + vocals on rage. Be Who I See has inducing synths which remind me of triangulary Saw-Tooth wave-forms, in textbooks. Love how these bros make simple catchy tunes. Keep them tapes rolling.

Get their 4-Track Demos here !

** the saw-toothed wave form came up on my exam paper today, I aced it. Thank you Reading Rainbow.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Bulbs ▼

Well there seems to be a resurgence of noise and fuzzyness. Mostly fuzzyness. Up fresh on the list is Brooklyn's Sweet Bulbs, who're about to release a self-titled on
Blackburn Recs. What few samples that have been drifting the interwebs, I've greedily gobbled up. Om nom nom. Featured guitars jacked up on echoes plus reverbs (Polvo-esque); your hearing the equivalent of after a half-day jam session. I'm almost tempted to say they sound like Sonic Youth, but with heartrending vocals (prominently on Eyes Feathers). They deserves as many Thumbs, Likes, Reblogs // any other cheap attempt by Man to measure awesomeness.

Sweet Bulb's
Myspace for more nomnoms.

eyes feathers (demo) by SWEET BULBS