Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Portishead - Roseland NYC Live

Hey again guys. The lack of posts is due to me getting a summer job, and therefore having little to no time to get on routine music hunt. So, to counter that I've been rummaging my old music cd's, and came across Portishead's Roseland Live in NYC; which was handed to me for my 14th birthday by my awesomely awesome aunt. It's an old keepsake, and I hope you guys would spend as much time on it as I had.

Roseland NYC Live
saw the band's first ever live gig in New York. It features the New York Philharmonic along side their contemporary partners. Despite the genre gap, their expertise gave rise to musical highs for the two co-op.
Gibbon's saturine soaked vocals is a crucial consideration for transitions between these vasts and clearly talented bunch; like lubricant to .... dark squeezy spaces. Barrow , Utley and Deamer are tight, and deliver the goods seemingly at ease in their own element; Be it chewing gum, smoking or scratching records.

The record's 51 min playtime feature 11 complete pieces.

The descending melody of the bass, the shimming strings, the distortion completely blows me away. I love this.

Try it here. (Hosted by La Musique)
Buy it here.

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