Monday, September 27, 2010

Julian Lynch - Mare

These past few summery (I use summer-y, because its summer all year long where I'm from) days have been fine, the weather off-kilter recently, alternating between stark hot sunshine to gloomy churning anvil clouds within minutes. Under stress? Fear not mother nature, just plug in Julian Lynch's Mare, and your mind will float out above those dark clouds, and into the fine bright sunshine. Not too much vitamin D though, you don't want to get skin cancer (nevermind you left your body down below, better safe than sorry) The sun extends its warm comforting rays upon you. With closed eyelids, you stretch out your hand acast, partially covering the sun. It dances upon your eyelids providing a sort of free cheap lightshow. Still, somehow you're amused.

With Mare, the pieces here flits from emotion to emotion, but most being calm and collected. Plenty of smooth Jazzy ambience on Ruth, My Sister. Theyalso offer Julian's seemingly fleeting falsetto accompanied by reverberating strings, folksy guitarstry on Still Racing, ending with a psychedelic new-age track, In New Jersy, that could have came out from a vegan-buddhist's adobe (complete with incense and parquet flooring for those barefeet). I haven't found a track I didn't like on Mare, Enjoy.

<a href="">Ears by Julian Lynch</a>

Julian's Bandcamp. Buy it.

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