Monday, October 4, 2010

Las Robertas - Cry Out Loud

I hope everyone's doing good.
Reading Murakami's book, one after the other was a bad idea. Now my dreams are being plagued, by meaningless (or so it seems on the surface), random lucidity that barely has any semblence to reality. I was visitied by a snake who wanted to nibble my feet, flying locomotives and the like. When not reading, sleeping ; (simultaneously), I'm glued to the computer. Time to get Norwegian Wood.

And that was how I came across Las Robertas. The four adorable girls might be mistaken for yet another Au Revoir, but you can't deviate further from the truth. They deliver gritty garage-rock along with a dont-you-fuck-with-me-because-i-will-cut-you-down drumline. Really, the drums were what that made me take notice of them. It's prominent throughout History is Done (and various other songs), yet not overused.

Cry Out Loud has an almost uncanny resemblence to Best Coast/Vivian Girls sounding guitar & bass, though you can hardly sue them for plagiarism. The gritty distortion & sweet, almost confectionary vocals makes the LP a go. Did I mention I loved the drums?

<a href="">Ghost Lover by Las Robertas</a>

Catch them at : Bandcamp //

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