Monday, October 25, 2010

Jordaan Mason And the Horse Museum

Don't tell anyone, but as of late, I've been slowly losing interest in the normal Guitar+Bass+Drum routine. It feels as if I needed a well prolonged time off from overly-used Bread & Butter instruments. You could say it goes parallel with me wanting a break from my drab status-quo lifestyle. So for these few weeks, odd voices, accordions, brass instruments and banjos will dominate these follow-up posts !

Jordaan Mason And the Horse Mueseum - Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head

Thats Jordaan. With an extra A. Having an album name which looks like 2 completely isolated phrases fused together, Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head finally came together after three stolid years founded by complete unknowns Bryar Gray & Jordaan Mason. According to, the album
"tells the story of a failed marriage between two people of confused genders and identities. the album takes place during a glandolinian war and includes horses, shotguns, carnival horn sections, religion, male birth, sickness, semen, haircuts, and an eventual apocalypse in 1990." And I couldn't come up with a better sypnosis, had I tried (and I did.)
All I could come up was :

"The album to me is, about a kid watching two horses gallop across muddy fields against the oncoming rain sleet, like they were symbolically fighting the rain, batting their lily-like eyelashes each time it struck a furious rainblot, the ones which are as big as golf balls. Despite that, or more accurately; because of that, they (the horses) seemed happy, to be free of reins, of human contact ; how ever long their faces might seem. And seeing the horses happy made the child, now stuck indoors really, really angry. The kid works up a tantrum, screaming at two patches of slick fur ;lightning speed. He knows the horses can't actually hear his screams, that only drives more fury into his child-like skull."

Musically speaking though, Bryar & Jordaan's vocals are emotionally compelling, track after track. Some might be put off by his exceedingly screechy voice but I personally like. With banjos, soft-clad thumps sounding like horses hooves in mud, Bird's Nest literally reverbs with the beat, vocals and that bass trumpet gently cruises along the background.

With Racehorse : Get Married! they take it up anotch or two, with vocals reaching their peak, it showcases what one can accomplish with vocal chords by locking oneself in a toronto hotel for three years. It opens with a huge "YOU FUCK LIKE A RACEHORSEEEEE" (listen to it here). I mean, how can you not take notice. The song goes on to proceed about bags of blood, hunting with shotguns, swallowing shotguns and private conversations.
Currently, they're on tour with Oh Foot, Shelby Sifers, and Tinyfolk. Man I haven't heard from Tinyfolk for quite awhile now.

JORDAAN MASON AND THE HORSE MUSEUM - ____ is Water from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

You know you want this.

Try it here.
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  1. Dude, I'm around! New concept album about being on fire coming in 2011!


  2. Ah, awesome news. Another reason to stay alive till 2011!