Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty Lights ▼ Passing Behind Your Eyes

Derek Vincent Smith and recently Adam Deitch play by the moniker of Pretty Lights. Smith's a major proponent of PL, having dropped a his studies as a freshman at a Uni to focus on his beats. And man did he make the right choice. Insofar, Pretty Lights have made major headway on acts for 2010's Cochella, Bonnaroo + the EDC, and generally being on tour throughout last year. How I didn't find out Pretty Lights till 2011 is anyone's guess. Smith & Deitch mainly work around old vintage beats sampled with up tempo glitch-hop ones, so there's alot for your earbuds no matter what your taste is. Expect to chill with alot of synth-action, fat beats with a alot of soul.

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Pretty Lights ▼ Passing Behind Your Eyes
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