Friday, January 27, 2012

Locals ▼ I am David Sparkle, B-Quartet, Amberhaze

I've ingested coffee by the cupfuls and paid in kind with bouts of explosive diarrhea. Now I'm finally free to do what I love; reviewing and spreading music for the sleepless night owls that we are. On a side note, me and a bunch of friends have decided to make a project specifically catering to the growing local music scene (in Singapore). The growth here is incredibly fast-paced, as you can tell from my previous 'live' posts. It's still under production, but I'll be writing for the local and regional musicians that stand out vocally.

As a prelude to this new endeavour, I'll quickly list and link tidbits of the seasoned homegrown musicians. Hopefully I'd get the chance to do the interviews and full reviews that they deserve.

Here we go!

1st stop : I am David Sparkle.

What can I say, they blew me away when I saw them play a year ago.

2nd stop : B-Quartet

Late last year, in their opening set for Tortoise, the brothers dropped Haykal's airy vocals instead opting for a open sound exploration. 4 new members were added as of their 2nd album "Conformity has replaced consciousness"

3rd stop: Amberhaze

Amberhaze is Giuliano Gullotti’s long-standing solo project. He plays anything from atmospheric ambient to piano pieces throughout 2006 to the present.