Friday, October 29, 2010

Crystal Castles (A-sides Ft. Robert Smith)

Yes the title doesn't lie. I came across this here @ vaudevillevillain's. Thought I'd give this more love, since its well -dare i say it- maybe one of the best collaborations of 2010. Robert Smith's distinguished vocals seemingly snatched from the 80's inhere with Crystal Castles electro-goth fat bassy-beats in Not In Love ; Originally a Platinum Blonde song injected with a healthy dose of Duran Duran vibes. Other B-sides would include Celestica // Suffocation. Also, Crystal Castles will be in Singapore for on the 15th Jan the year ahead. Won't it be divine if they dragged Robert's fat(sexy)ass along?

Not in Love ;
Consider this my Halloween Gift, Candy for all!

Not in Love will be out
- December 6th 2010 on Fiction Records

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