Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Horse ▼ Rearrange Beds // Live

Lovely show last friday by the australian duo, An horse (Kate Cooper & Damon Cox) they've garnered critical attention with Rearrange Beds. Their simple yet catchy vibes are the respite I need from the recent flush of post-this/that, chillwave, surf rock that's been dominating my headphones the past few months. Good to cut back to basics. With An Horse, Kate drives the distortion up a few thousand notches or so, while Damon keeps the momentum going. From the first listen, you might pick up traces of Sleater Kinney's The Fox, or Tegan & Sara's harmonising vibes. Camp Out emits vibes ranging from sexual fustration to borderline desperation with, "You want to camp out, / I want to fuck around in the dark. " I could give a thesis on each song, but that'd be no fun, better leave things to yr imagination.

So yeah, the only thing that bugs me is that some of the tracks haven't really have any progression on them, you wouldn't know when one song begins/ends for the 1st few album plays. But fear not, they've included a couple perks in their re-released album, one seeing Damon play the melodica (an old hohner, he told) on the track, Listen. Pitchfork mentions Kate's lyricsy being unremarkable on paper, yet so very affective when she puts her mouth to use. Like she sings with such conviction that you end up nodding to her. Whatever it is that makes them sound what they sound like, this is an album that's worth plugging into.

And yes, Kate Cooper is a sexy beast.

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