Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Bulbs ▼

Well there seems to be a resurgence of noise and fuzzyness. Mostly fuzzyness. Up fresh on the list is Brooklyn's Sweet Bulbs, who're about to release a self-titled on
Blackburn Recs. What few samples that have been drifting the interwebs, I've greedily gobbled up. Om nom nom. Featured guitars jacked up on echoes plus reverbs (Polvo-esque); your hearing the equivalent of after a half-day jam session. I'm almost tempted to say they sound like Sonic Youth, but with heartrending vocals (prominently on Eyes Feathers). They deserves as many Thumbs, Likes, Reblogs // any other cheap attempt by Man to measure awesomeness.

Sweet Bulb's
Myspace for more nomnoms.

eyes feathers (demo) by SWEET BULBS

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  1. I AM SO REBLOGGING THIS *flicks hair*