Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Organ ▼

The Organ, now defunct, was an admirable post-punk outfit from Vancouver (fuck yeah canadians). They grabbed my attention with their only Full length - Grab That Gun (fuck yeah puns). The Organ is largely Katie Sketch with her dual wielding Mic/Scotch combo, on toned, guarded vocals. Then you have Debbie on the guitar, producing 80's Smith's riffs. Shmoo on the pre-suicide Joy Division bass and Jenny on synths. They're all total hotties to boot. It's too good to be true. Which is probably why they broke up (and they're lesbians), God didn't want queer guys like me stalking their every live show.

**shakes fists towards the sky with unrelenting anger** Curses!

Post breakup Organ saw Katie start her new band; Mermaids. Debbie with hers; Lovers Love Haters (aww, couldn't she have thought of a better name like, Vawwes?) I would love for them to come back for just one more album. Cause I've a feeling they could have made more. Lets not end this post with a bad note: Katie and
Jenny Smyth got together, managed to hitch up a kitschy bar, called the Henhouse. It's supposedly really popular now, but I guess I wont have a chance to drop by.

**shakes fists towards the sky with unrelenting anger** Twice for your malice!

The Henhouse is located at 1532 Dundas W. and is open daily from 5pm-2am.

The Organ ▼ Grab That Gun
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  1. I'd play your organ, big boy ;)