Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Analog Girl ▼ (live - Republik, 3rd July '10)

"If Tricky's dark and brooding Maxinquaye album was launched into outer space on a rocket ship commanded by Bjork, it might sound something like the Analog Girl." - TIME Magazine

"The Analog Girl’s electro punk xylophone beats are perfectly Portishead-esque." - MONOCLE

So you can see how fucking giddy I got, when I found out she'd be performing just right out my alley, which was at Republik @ via Ignite Fest. Having just recieved touchdown from her recent tour in beijing, she rushed up set with a huge trunk, a retro fitted table (looked like it was stolen from one of Repulic's classrooms haha) - lay aclutter with all sorts of electronic wizarding equipment. Professor Snape would approve. Starts out on this kinda noisy track with lots of random bits/beats and gradually adding on to em. The visual canvas
was superb, much of it was from age old films - mostly weird and distorted it pulls you in, kinda suited to the acursed weather (was raining pretty heavily). The Analog Girl, though homegrown from Singapore seems to have a stronger hold in Tokyo. That exact same influence is clearly stark with 8bit-Touhou laptop vibes practically oozing out of 'The Tv is On'. Garbled vocals adding to the hypnotic atmosphere. I had the weirdest feeling I was having a dose of Telepathe/Crystal Castles, with asiastic vocals. Well, I'm eager for new material I can plug into, it'll be interesting to see how she progresses.

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The Analog Girl The Tv is On
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  1. Yeah, I got a couple of copyright complaints, don't think I'll be doing that uploading stuff, though I know her stuff can be a bitch to find.