Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Black Eyes Short lived (for they disbanded sometime in March '04) post-punk dudes, these made seriously wicked basslines that'll ensure eargasms listen after listen. I stumbled across these guys a couple of months back, guess that makes me half a decade late, eh? They completely blew me away with their self titled. Brilliant effects, swooping guitars and thumping basslines make them. Lots of mixed reviews amongst people though, I think fans of Arab on Radar, Fugazi and the like would love them. And if you don't like it, no big whoop.

Deformative (on thier self titled)

Black Eyes (self titled)

Buy their self titled here.
Alternatively, try them here.


  1. they give me butterflies in my tummy, i really like the twang twang, it really helps with my diarrhea. good update, sleepy!

  2. Try not to get diarrhea in a swimming pool !

  3. Tis a difficult task, brother. Especially when the poolside band always twangs oh so...butterfly-ly...