Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So sorry for the lack of posts. Alot's been happening, what with work / school / life. Also trying to get a band together. It's more or less still in the gutters right now, have to get back to that later. Also, I've been adding to the "My heart is a Jerk" tag on Last.fm, check it out for good enough music that'll pass by your time (if you have any). So, yeah. Here's Megafaun , a homey folk-noir trio from North Carolina. Originally started out with the Bon Iver guy aka (Justin Vernon), though he made like a banana and split. Still, Megafaun has their sound firmly cemented, and man do they make sundays a hella lot easier on the ears. Their latest , "Gather, Form & Fly" (another well-named album, dont you think?) was released sometime July '09 via Hometape Records.

Here's a Vid of "Impressions of the Past", which is in the album.

Megafaun - Impressions of the Past from Hometapes on Vimeo.

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Nice day bro.