Monday, April 12, 2010

Moscow Olympics ▼ Cut The World

Their name is kinda abit misleading-ish. Okay it is. They're nowhere near Moscow, and they dont sing in Russian. Hailing from the Phillipines, distorted guitars and synths, sometimes looped and layered, with persistent, vocal echo is how "Moscow Olympics" roll. Try as you might decipher what goes into the lyric making process of their music, but your chances of accuracy are minimal. Don't let that stop you from enjoying their 80's feel of twee & shoegaze inoculated. At first listen, you might feel of having heard it somewhere before, undoubtedly due to their extensive influence of bands like The Field Mice and Slowdive. Though they're far from perfecting their sound, you definitely shouldn't make a pass on them. Brilliant.

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Moscow Olympics ▼ Cut The World
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