Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scary Mansion ▼

It's been raining for days on end here. My face is caked with god knows what, having a hookah/shisha induced migrane. It's a wonder I can even crawl out of bed (granted, I slept for ages) to review the latest, Scary MansionLeah Hayes - who just released a brilliant brilliant album called Make Me Cry. Just had to share it with ya'll, else it'll nibble at the back of
my thoughts like a corrosive acid drop going 'plop', 'plop', 'plop'.

Enter Make Me Cry. The album is distinct, very melancholic driven, with the fragile tinges of almost - but not quite - slipping to a nervous breakdown. Even so, the tracks here are so ethereal and downright haunting, you just can't let go. The vocals for one, personally reminds me of a mix of Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and Anna-lynne (Lotte Kestner/Trespasser's William), she's got one heartwrenching voice that'll smear yours to bits. The track, On my Mind is exactly that, seeing Leah take to the piano. There's also radio friendly(-er) tracks, say Over the Weekend + The Scum Inside. That said, go get her album. Me, now I shall take to the shower, where I'll freeze my butt off.

Buy It here.
Try it here.

A b-side that wasn't released on Make Me Cry. Mmm those lips !


  1. I went into the SCARY MANSION and it MADE ME CRY

  2. Thanks for crawling out of bed and posting this record. I just discovered her fragile, melancholy voice and I can't wait to hear the entire album. Haunting, yes.