Friday, January 29, 2010

Zeigeist - The Jade Motel ▼

Zeigeist is a electro/synthpop band hailing from Sweden, originally form late formed 2006 and split up 2009. They only ever released one fucking kickass (emphasis on the 'fucking & kickass') album, "The Jade Motel" sometime in 2008. I've heard of the countless comparisons between them and the majorly influential electropop band, The Knife. There is a similarity in Pearl's (Zeigeist) vocal pitching as to Karin (The Knife) and along with hugely playing with props live, its no wonder tons of fans are left confused. Is there animosity between them? Are they aquaintances? Will we ever know why cows commit suicide? These Questions will be left unanswered, till I nail the Swedish language. What I personally find is that the major difference differentiating Zeigeist and The Knife apart is that the former has a poppier feel to thier music. To each his own. Damn the swedes :(

Zeigeist - Humanitarism

Zeigeist's live performances were downright insane. Confetti rain to rival The Flaming Lips. Complex stage sets, eccentric get-ups, make-up. The effort put visually is mind blowing. Among their special shows was the one at the Swedish Arvikafestivalen 2007, where they made a dystopian performance in three acts with short novel films, produced only for this show, in between the acts.

Zeigeist - Black Milk

Arvikafestivalen 2007

I'm not going much into detail of their songs. Listen and comment.

Zeigeist - The Jade Motel
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