Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Dress Well & Cokc Dokc ▼

The guys at NO CONCLUSION are aflutter with their newest find, "How to dress well & cokc dokc", and for a good reason too. Having released 6 ep's within a few days apart from each other, one would expect it to be flimsy and under-produced but noooo, not these guys - R&B-lofi-ambient soundish music - they guys at how to dress well will be big. They sound ridiculously solid, like they have a straight, non-narrow path, and intend to get to the other side of the moon or someplace equally inaccessible, but is. Trust me on this one. Their current 6 ep's are available at their homepage here, or you could just download them down below.

▼▼▼▼ Born Bodies

▼▼▼▼ Five Souls

▼▼▼▼ Like in the night how the heart becomes the truth

▼▼▼▼ Will you sleep

▼▼▼▼ Friday morning hymnal

▼▼▼▼ The eternal love

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