Monday, November 8, 2010

Jeff Pianki

These days, youtube seems to be brimming with potential like a small pond full of tadpoles. Ever seen one of those? At times, there may be up to a million of them swimming, squirming and jostling each other for the little breathers they have. Hard to pick and individual taddy and squeeze it out from the rest. Not to sidetrack too much, we have virutal unknown (aside from youtube) Jeff Pianki, and the way he's going it wouldn't be too surprising to see his name pop up here and there in the future.

Jeff has released an EP called Hello Scones, and aside that, a 13-track demo series, which, surprisingly packs alot of punch. I get a strange Sufjan-meets-Andy Hull vibe from his work, and his lyricism is really commendable. Up on both Demos and Hello Scones, Jeff puts his banjo / guitar / harmonica combo into good sparing use. Plus, the song progression is noticeable it takes alot to grovel new fingerpicking riffs that brings out different emotions, from 13 other tracks.

Most of the tracks on the Demo, are bare- like in the track Buried in Winter- there is certainly room to add. But somehow its feels complete, like a newly constructed house, with little furnishings and a whole lot of space to fuck around. Throwing Coins is clearly thought out, with the harmonica & glockenspiel skitting across the background.

Enough words i think; I am hooked.

Follow Jeff on his Bandcamp! (Buy them)

There are a couple of tracks on his page.

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