Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

I know, I know. Why feature an album that came out years ago? Astro Coast certainly made the waves around p4k, rockband and other neat little riff raffs. What with the internet hype machine behind it, the amount of hype generated is enough to tear me a new asshole. In my defence, I regard Surfer Blood's only full length work as being disassociated with its massive hit Swim. Is it possible that too much hype emphasising a single track places the listener in a disposition to overlook the others in that album? 

That was the case when I popped Astro Coast for a second (and thorough) listen. What Surfer Blood did with their debut was to showcase the extensive range of feels Astro Coast encapsulates. The first few tracks, Floating Vibes, Swim and Take It Easy are easily the most played since its dancy, and we kids sure love to dance. But later on as the album progresses, Astro Coast takes on a different hue with Slow Jabroni marking the shift. 

If I knew you'd guard your heart so jealously then I'd fight for you. There's nothing in this joyless world to see, there are no places that are left to see, there's just the wilderness, it's shame, if I knew you pushed away so savagely then I'd back off.

What the fuck, guys? One minute we're happily grooving the sweet vibes and the next Pitt's sombre vocals echoes out "Take it easy on me" without skipping a beat. I don't have to tell you Slow Jabroni's by far my pick for Best Track on Astro Coast.

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