Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ilkae ▼ Pistachio Island

Yet another postup! Ilkae (thats ill-kay) is two-man project consisting of Aaron Munson and Krystian Lubiszewski, from Canada / Poland (can you guess the polish dude?) Thier music could be said to encompass anything from electronic funk to 8-bit vidgame glitchy music thats commonly popular among twenty-somethings reminiscing lost childhoods. The tracks are fitted in bite-sized pieces, with an average of 1 min per piece. Insofar as I can tell, the album features these tracks as singular notes, not combining or flowing into each other like some do. Perfect for the shuffle feature, if you're heading for a quick destination.

Feel good vibes are abound in Pistachio Island.

Ilkae ▼ Pistachio Island [2001] Merck Records.
Try some Pistachios!
BBBBBBBBBBBUY some Pistachios!

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