Friday, January 14, 2011

Kites Sail High ▼ Alone

San Fran native Mario Baltodano is the enigma behind Kites Sail High, an all new act that's comparatively comparable to Flylo & Ulrich Schnauss warped vibes freefloating with a slew of experimentation to boot. Not much is known, aside from the two very solid albums Alone & Secrets up on Life's Blood. Hmm, the album Alone,which im going into since it has more plays, is (imo) about the adolescent emotions or daytime hallucinations of a single child. It just comes to me, feeling that way. The effects in play here are immense, wonder just how many pedals and distortions were needed in the making of. Kites Sail High have been in tons of collabs, and is in the process of making more. Some include Baths, Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird and a few others which was released up on
Heart Music Group.

Kites Sail High ▼ Alone
Try being alone.

Pay to be alone!

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