Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jens Lekman - An Argument with Myself

Jens Lekman; the suave swede strikes again! An Argument with Myself feels like a rolling film that is played in a first person narrative. The self titled opener feels very much like a Kerouac piece in terms of spontaneity. Lekman also manages to squeeze in thoughts that hints on borderline dementia :
"Fuck you no YOU fuck you!"
Why you hiting yourself, why you hitting yourself?"
History repeats itself twice said Marx
First as tragedy, then as farce
But where did I find the source
To make history of a love, a love like ours ?"

Haha okay, maybe not so subtle. The lyricsm comes off as vulgar and literal though it's done in a comical yet catchy way. I'm sure it'll rack up lots of replays. Each track in this bite-sized 18 min album is sonically distinct and dishes out witty words by the metre. Overall, An Argument with Myself feels very much like a continuation from Night Falls Over Kortedala, his second full length release back in 2007. Although now he's shifted from the topic of young love and more towards self discovery; On dealing with people, places and the mundane realism of life.

There is a free download available on soundcloud. Grab it!
Photos by: moses_namkung

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