Thursday, March 29, 2012

LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening

I'm too little too late to be posting this incredibly addictive album because they've recently disbanded. And I'm only getting to know their stuff. It feels weird, kinda like getting a boner to the late Winehouse. Makes me wish I had a damn tardis. Dramatics and necrophilia aside, there's no reason why we can't still dance to This is Happening!
Headed by James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem borrows heavily on the sounds of yesteryear. LCD really took off in 2005, with the cleverly titled hit Daft Punk is Playing at my House. Wearing influences on their sleeves, they seem to have taken a short detour to Post-Punk manchester in This is Happening. The track You Wanted a Hit places a danceble twist to monotone vocals and chopped up basses.

His composition splits up markedly into two different facades. Positive upbeat and the other, brooding and contemplative. The opener Dance Yrself Clean falls into the latter. It starts off minimally with soft, whispered introspective vocals against a backdrop of a 2 chord repitition. Simple but profound. Though cutting off at 3 mins, the song goes apeshit and drops heavy synths and Cold-War Kids styled falsettos left and right. It's profound lyrics sheds light on Murphy's divorce,

Don't you want me to wake up?
Then give me just a bit of your time
Arguments are made from make outs
So give it just a little more time

We've got to bring our results
I wanna play it 'til the time comes
But there's a string of divorces
You go and throw your little hands up

How he makes his mid-life crisis so fucking danceable is beyond me. There are other notable tracks on This is Happening, and you should check them out. Seems like the clean cut Dance Punk genre is dying out, giving way to thick fuzzy works like SBTRKT, Joy O, Burial and Four tet. For old times sake, get a hold of this album and pray for a reunion!

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