Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Los Campesinos! ▼ Hold On Now, Youngster...

The name evokes youth and vigor, doesn't it? Well that is exactly what you have coming, in "Hold On Now, Youngster...". It seems that as of late, my recent posts have been almost unconsciously catered to optimistic cheerful tunes (with the exception of Toe, perhaps). Anyway, back to the present. Hold On Now, Youngster... reeks of saturated joy and suffering intermingled in a oddly compromising affair. You get songs like My Year In Lists, where I highly recommend you place a careful ear to their lyrics.

You said "send me stationary, to make me horny"
So I always write you letters, in multicolours**
Decorating envelopes, for foreplay
Damn extended metaphors, I get carried away.
I cherish with fondness the day (before) I met you

Los Campesinos! ▼ My Year In Lists

The amount of thought placed in their stuff is admirable, I mean, if you look at the stuff/crap in the media today. Them Campesinos! take things into a whole different level, with songs like "This is how you spell 'HAHAHA, I've destroyed the hopes and the dreams of a generation of faux-romantics" smacks of naked truth. Small bits of spoken word are also accumilated to the piece, adding a sort of realism relating their songs.

Then you have the songs, in which you can't help but dance to. Or if your tolerance level is high, wait till no one is around you -persumably by heading to the nearest found toilet- , then break in a feverish dance. If a mad (and deaf) genius would have planned to take over the entire globe through subduing its people to uncontrollable fits of dancing frenzy, one of the viable song choices in which to blast is, You! Me! Dancing!. Scary thought, eh?

Wordplay aside, the band effectively have alot going on, instrument-wise. With violins, glockenspiels, guitars and the such, you can be sure to expect intricate sounding pieces with alot going on. Definitely an album to die for. Get it while you still have fingers.

Los Campesinos! ▼ Hold On Now, Youngster...
Try It,
Buy It.

Alternatively, you can follow them here. Last time I checked, they we're doing food reviews. One cannot make brilliant music with an empty stomach!
** sorry about the multicoloring, i um.. got carried away.

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