Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Tough Alliance ▼ A New Chance

Gothenburg duo. Henning Fürst and Eric Berglund are two of a kind, each wielding pop & electro in hand (and the occasional baseball bat). Clearly taking influence and hopping on the European electronic music bandwagon, these lads have made airwaves and garnered criticism, positive and negative alike. Oh what distinct beats they make! The Tough Alliance leans in a natural disposition to be a real crowd mover. Their single, First Class Riot has been aptly retouched by jj, also incidentally a two piece Gothenburg outfit. Signs of a prevailing friendship bond? Probably. In anycase - Good beats make good bands. Check them out.

The Tough Alliance ▼ First Class riot (Touch of jj)

The Tough Alliance ▼ A New Chance
Try it,
Buy it.

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