Monday, March 1, 2010

Toe ▼ For long Tomorrow

Every once in a few, a song - a tune - gets stuck in one's mind, ears perk up gently as the song progresses, with each passing moment, a swift change in moods so gradual takes over. One may, or may not be aware of this particular transition, but it would well up, till the very the latest possible moment. Then, a sudden urge towards the end of the piece - like a dam released. That is literally what a couple, brilliantly composed music, could and would, entail.

Toe ▼ After Image

Kashikura Takashi.

One particular example is, Toe - a Japanese post-rock quartet - though most would argue that math-rock would fit their character best, in lieu to the scrupulous drumming patterns painstakingly administered by a certain Kashikura Takashi (drummer). What differentiates their music from the booming, all-too-common post-rock bands cropping out is that they have been performing, perfecting thier art for over a decade now (having started in 2001) and the fact that they gracefully managed to incorporate jazz and experimentation in their music as a whole. In ' For Long Tomorrow ' the quartet got together other vocal talents like Toki Asako (for "Goodbye") and Harada Ikuko (for "After Image").

Toe ▼ Goodbye(feat. Toki Asako)

A couple of songs are beautifully sparse, in contrary to most post-rock influences. That emptiness, that beautiful scarcity would be barely filled with vocals of sorts, from English to Japanese. You, the listener might not be able to make out the exact words these folks are uttering, but its up to the listener to create a vague assumption on what the song is about. "For Long Tomorrow", in my honest opinion, is up there, just below Godspeed's "Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven". The album is released through Machu Picchu, an independent music label from Japan. You can track the band's progress on their website, here.

Toe ▼ Two Moons

Toe For long Tomorrow
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